At Cash Flow Resources (“CFR”), we are committed to putting our clients first and finding customize solutions to help their business succeed.

Below shows just a few examples on how we have found solutions for our customers.

INDUSTRY:             Metal Fabrication
ANNUAL SALES:    Est. 750,000
LOCATION:             Louisiana
FUNDING LINE:      $100K

CFR recently funded a new working capital facility for a metal fabricator based in southeast Louisiana.  Referred to us by a current client, the company signed with CFR to facilitate start-up working capital to grow its business.

INDUSTRY:             Labor Services
LOCATION:             Louisiana
FUNDING LINE:      $200K

This staffing company turned to CFR for factoring as a way to confidently fund weekly payroll, without waiting for its customer invoices to be paid.

INDUSTRY:             Remediation Svcs.
ANNUAL SALES:    $2,800,000
LOCATION:             Louisiana
FUNDING LINE:      $650K

Given the seasonality of this company’s revenue, factoring is a perfect fit because it allows the flexibility and access to immediate working capital as the company needs it.

INDUSTRY:             Construction
ANNUAL SALES:    $650,000
LOCATION:             Louisiana
FUNDING LINE:      $300K

Slow paying customers often create cash flow problems for construction companies.  By using factoring, our customer is able to accept new projects without waiting on payment from unpaid invoices.

When you need cash fast, consider calling us. Our mission is to use our financial expertise to contribute to the success of a small business.