There are many reasons a company might turn to factoring or invoice buying for working capital. At Cash Flow Resources (“CFR”), we have two current clients that operate within the Remediation Services industry. Due to their inconsistent sales and general seasonality of their business, neither of them was eligible for traditional bank financing. Working with CFR, both companies were able to secure lines of working capital to meet the demands of their companies. While both companies were of differing sizes, their needs remain mostly the same, and CFR was able to help!


Both disaster recovery service contractors could not secure a line of credit with a traditional bank due to their seasonal and inconsistent sales.


A factoring line allowed for immediate access to cash flow to accept jobs as disasters happen. The company is able to choose when to factor or not factor eligible invoices based on its work-flow and working capital needs. Additionally, when the company is not factoring invoices and using its line, it does not cost them anything.

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