CFR continues to help small businesses by providing customized solutions that fits their needs.  At the end of 2019, CFR funded the following two deals:
$1MM factoring line for a start-up national industrial turnaround plant contractor
The contractor’s prior large national factoring company abruptly changed the way they handled their account due to the factoring company’s internal policy change. This severely interrupted the contractor’s business process. CFR was able to step in and find a customized solution that worked for the company, allowing them to conduct business as usual.
$50K factoring line for a brick mason and concrete construction company
The owner started his own business after years of working in the industry. Given his reputation and relationships he had developed, the owner estimated to produce $140,000 of sales per month. By using factoring, CFR gave him the start up working capital needed to begin jobs. Factoring is a great solution because it allows funding to increase and decrease completely based on need and growth.

CFR has helped many different types of companies over the years, whether they needed a small amount of funding or larger amount.  Watch the video to see just how CFR has helped.

CFR is here for you when you need us.